Top 5 tips to keep diet on track like Jennifer Hudson

Top 5 tips to keep diet on track like Jennifer Hudson

22 Jan 2013
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Super svelte Jennifer Hudson’s stunning body transformation from a size 16 to her current size 6 is the stuff of dieting legend.

But what’s even more impressive than losing 80 pounds? Keeping it off!

Jennifer, 31, the poster girl for Watchers Watchers, has learned a thing or two about how to stick to her goals. Here, her Weight Watcher’s leader Liz Josefsberg, the company’s director of brand advocacy, gives Life & Style her five top tips for keeping your diet on track:

1. Prep your pantry : “Take some time to set yourself up for success by bringing healthy foods into your home and ridding your environment of temptations.”

2. Journal it : “Record everything you’re eating in a way that makes sense to you. Write it down with paper and a pen, use an app, or simply take photos of every meal you eat. The added accountability and data can lead to greater success.”

3. Treat yourself : “Don’t cut out the foods you love. Jennifer eats chocolate every day. She knows how to manage chocolate because she ate it as she lost weight. Had she cut it out, she would have struggled to manage it once at her goal.”

4. Avoid boredom : “Challenge yourself to try a new recipe or food each week. This will increase your ‘repertoire’ of go-to foods and make you more knowledgeable about the impact those foods have on you.” Here’s a great Weight Watchers staple recipe: WW Recipe.

5. Understand that all movement is good movement : “Resolve not to start too big, rather start small and allow yourself to celebrate every added step or minute of movement.”

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